31 Days of Centering Prayer

Candle by Nadia SzopinskaHi everyone! I’ve decided to do a fun little blogging challenge for the month of October. For 31 days straight, I will do Centering Prayer for at least 15 minutes, at least once a day, and I will blog about my experiences here. Hopefully it will be encouraging to others, because let’s face it: a daily prayer habit is hard, particularly when our lives seem to get busier all the time. Yet it’s definitely a habit I feel is worth cultivating, so this will be my attempt to put my money where my mouth is.
I’m excited to share my month-long experience with you all. Check back later for more updates!

The graphic I made is based on a photo graciously provided by Nadia Szopinska.

Day 1: The Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Do This

Day 2: 4 Simple Steps to Centering Prayer

Day 3: I Am With You Always

Day 4: Book of the Week: Sister Wendy on Prayer

Day 5: Step One: Choosing a Word

Day 6: Step Two: Sitting Comfortably

Day 7: Step Three: Letting Go

Day 8: Step Four: Concluding with Silence

Day 9: Why Silence?

Day 10: A Great Prayer by a Great Contemplative

Day 11: Book of the Week: The Cloud of Unknowing

Day 12: Thoughts on Prayer and Time

Day 13: Prayer and Healing

Day 14: Distracting Thoughts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Day 15: Words Vs. Silence

Day 16: Burdens Lifted

Day 17: The Fruits of the Spirit Don’t Fit in My Shopping Cart

Day 18: Book of the Week: New Seeds of Contemplation

Day 19: The Real Secret about Prayer

Day 20: My Top Distracting Thought During Prayer and What It Means

Day 21: The Most Amazing Portable, Free Prayer Tool

Day 22: I Must Become Less

Day 23: The Necessary Luxury of Prayer

Day 24: When I Don’t Know How to Pray

Day 25: Book of the Week: Manifesting God

Day 26: A Helpful Mnemonic for Centering Prayer

Day 27: When I Think to Myself, “Why Pray?”

Day 28: I Need More Salt

Day 29: Getting Ready to Close the Door Again

Day 30: The Humblest of Miracles

Day 31: The End is the Beginning

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