The Real Secret About Prayer

I’m starting to learn something important, I think. I’m starting to see what Jesus meant when he said, “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.”

There is so much I can’t hear in the noise of the everyday. Advertisements. Work chatter. My own thoughts.

I miss the small, still voice saying the obvious: that the world and everything in it is God’s.

That by praying, I’m not inviting God into my life; I’m just waking up to the fact that I’ve been surrounded by God’s abundant life all along.

That love is the most important commandment. That mercy triumphs over judgment.

That the world is flooded with grace. Inexhaustible, dynamic grace. Yes, even for this very moment.

Of course, Jesus gave us words to use in prayer too. But there’s something about praying in silence. I think it has a lot to teach me.

Today’s 15 minutes of prayer: Spent almost entirely with a purring cat on my lap. Does it get any better than that?

I’m spending this month blogging with other Faith and Inspiration writers at The Nester’s 31 Days challenge. Here’s the complete list of my posts for the month so far.


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