I Need More Salt

I need more of this.

That’s the thought that keeps coming to mind as I meditate lately these last few days. Meaning more of just-being, more of this countercultural, unproductive breathing and seeking.

Because really, I can’t do this being-a-Christian thing without following Christ.

I can’t follow Christ without doing what he did: seeking quiet, restorative moments alone with his Abba.

I can’t do things for spiritual reasons unless I make a clean, quiet space for the Spirit to dwell in.

And if I can’t do those things, what am I doing writing here?

Living my faith authentically means being different, means silencing all the voices from within and without that proclaim I cannot escape a life of cynicism and bitterness and fruitless striving.

Jesus said his followers were the salt of the earth. Salt was precious, lending flavor to everything, making people’s senses come alive, bringing joy. But he also said, “If salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled by men.” If I let my life lose the delicious flavor of thankfulness and grace and joy, a flavor I was lovingly created to share, what does anything mean anymore?

And how can I hold on to that flavor without tasting and seeing that God is good?

So I want to hold on to this practice of prayer, simply because the more time I spend appreciating God’s deliciousness, the more zestful my own life is, and the more joy it will bring others when I share it.

Today’s 15 minutes of prayer: Ordinary conference room. Ordinary experience on the surface. Underneath, the only truly extraordinary part of my day.

I’m spending this month blogging with other Faith and Inspiration writers at The Nester’s 31 Days challenge. Here’s the complete list of my posts for the month so far.

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