For Those Longing for Light (An Exciting Announcement!)


(Photo credit: mathstop)

Does anyone else feel like things got very dark very quickly this month? Maybe it’s just me; I didn’t grow up in a place with Daylight Saving Time, and I still find it a bit of a novelty. The fact that it came so late this year (why is that?) made it feel all the more sudden. All at once, I’m walking to and from work surrounded by darkness, and it feels like I’m living in a world of night.

The darkness around me makes me remember that the season of Advent is coming soon. In a world of darkness, we wait for light to return, and in the spiritual world, the same is true during Advent. For us Christians, it’s a season of longing for Jesus – realizing how different the world would be without the Incarnation, and celebrating how much of a difference his presence on Earth made.

With these thoughts in mind, I’ve been working on something very exciting – and I’m so happy to share it with you all at last.

Through the website Vibrant Faith @ Home, which offers faith-building activities and programs for people of all ages and stages of life, I’ve been offered the opportunity to design and facilitate an online advent retreat for young adults. It’s called Illuminate Your Everyday Life, and it will focus on just that: welcoming the light of Jesus into our lives together, our whole lives, even the parts that seem dark, confusing, or mundane.

Participants in this retreat will receive three emails a week for four weeks (December 1st to December 26th).  Each email will include a brief written reflection from me as well as questions, activities, and practical ideas for seeking more of Jesus’ light during this Advent season and our whole lives.

There will also be a Facebook group where we can have some great discussion about the reflections. But if you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry – that part is optional. You can still enjoy the emails and explore the questions and activities on your own. I’ll also be doing a live webinar as part of the retreat on December 3rd!

I’ve been asked if this retreat is for only young adults. Not necessarily! I wrote the reflections from my perspective as a young adult and with a young adult audience in mind (post-high school, pre-kids), but that doesn’t mean other adults couldn’t get something out of this too. Anyone who wants to show up and journey with us this Advent is more than welcome!

The price of the retreat is only $9.95, counting the entire month of twelve reflections and participation in the discussion community. If you’d like to join us, you can see an overview of the entire retreat and sign up on the Illuminate Your Everyday Life webpage. Registration will stay open through November. I’m so excited to journey through Advent with this retreat, joining with others who long for the light of Christ to touch the darkest parts of their lives.

I hope you’ll join us, share the retreat with your loved ones, or just pray that we’ll have an amazing Advent experience. Thank you all!

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