About Me (and You, and Us)

“And what had I now said, my God, my life, my holy joy? or what saith any man when he speaks of Thee? Yet woe to him that speaketh not, since mute are even the most eloquent.” St. Augustine

Hi, I’m Rachel, your typical underemployed twentysomething with big dreams. This blog is about my highly imperfect efforts to follow Christ, to see a glimpse of the transcendent in the dark, cracked glass of the everyday. Sometimes I write about my boring office job. Sometimes I tell stories. Sometimes I write about holidays, or my favorite spiritual disciplines. The common theme is trying to keep eternal perspective in the everyday mess.

Some things I love, in no particular order: dancing, my three-legged cat, cooking and sharing food, reading good books and discussing them with friends, traveling, and studying foreign languages (especially Greek).

Whoever you are, you are welcome! And I mean that. Whoever you are religiously, politically, or otherwise, I hope you’ll feel appreciated for what you bring to the table. Feel free to be complex, even seemingly contradictory. Believe me, I know how that is.

Comment policy: If you post respectful, thoughtful comments, I will treasure them forever. If you post the other kind, they won’t make it past moderation, but I’ll still love you. Plus I will pray for you to become more respectful and thoughtful. Take that!

My current theme is based on the painting Orange and Yellow by my favorite artist, Mark Rothko. His work, to me, is a religious experience in itself.


2 thoughts on “About Me (and You, and Us)

  1. Greek yes…Beautiful language. It permeates all our Western langugages.
    Speaking it you can find lots of interesting connections – not only ethymological.

    It´s a bore I was kind of laisy while being repeatedly in Greece – I spoke English.

    However, like you, I like winsome and generous people, I enjoy great conversations. Shame you don´t live in Stockholm.

    There would have been a lot to unravel 🙂



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